Building Livelihoods: Bali, Rajasthan

Bali is an isolated tribal block in Pali District Rajasthan, where ACF has been working for the past 8 years. By harnessing the power of partnerships, ACF has been able to magnify investment and impact - transforming the community and the lives of the families within it.

While working in the area and being associated with the community closely we understood that if we really want to see changes in the lives of community then one intervention is not enough. We needed manifold support to enhance the resource base of families - livelihoods.

Overtime, ACF has joined hands with the Government of Rajasthan, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, NABARD, IFAD and JICA to work on various projects which support women, livelihoods and water in this area - with the following results:

Viable Institutions Fulfilling Credit Needs SHGs promoted by ACF are now reaching more than 3800 women and fulfilling the credit needs via 2.51Cr rotating corpus. SHG members have saved more than Rs. 47 Lacs that previously went to Moneylenders, by taking loans from SHGs.

Better Livelihood Basket with Add on Income Families survive on 3-4 sources of income in Bali and after ACF intervention, each source of income started contributing more - 10-12,000Rs per annum increase for farming and 10-15,000Rs per annum increase for Goats.

Food Security from Agriculture  Promotion of improved crop cultivation in Maize by package of practices production has increased production by 35-40%. This has increased the food security of poor families.

From free and no services to paid & quality services By deployment of Pashu Sakhi by ACF, the tribal community is now receiving vet care services and are also paying for it. It is not about making services free but its about making it available. Through vaccination and deworming, mortality of goats has reduced 4% which was more than 30% before ACF interventions.

Local Resource will drive it forward — During ACF intervention, many community cadre (mainly women from SHGs) were created including Book Keepers for SHGs and Pashu Sakhi as vet care service providers. These community cadres are now linked to and supported by a Women's Federation and Farmer Producer Company.