Tackling Salinity: Kodinar, Gujarat

Tackling salinity: Kodinar, Gujarat


"We had a plan to address salinity. We’d take several water harvesting structures, and interlink them so we could increase ground water recharge. But being an uncommon model, there was not much interests generated from any big players in the region. 

We knew that the Sir Ratan Tata Trust had a similar innovative approach to tackling development issues- so we reached out to them to collaborate.

It made good sense to work together to develop a model that worked across 25 villages - as opposed to us working for just 5 villages. We pooled our resources - contributed funding, technical expertise and innovative ideas to improve the project. 

And this partnership and investment paid off. Within just 6 years we were able to showcase a strong model and impact, which convinced the Government and we soon got their support for 60-80% of funding for future structures. 

Today, we all still work together, and along with other players have formed a Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell - to focus our efforts on policy and programs at a macro level across the Gujarat coastline." — PEARL TIWARI - CEO ACF