Livelihoods: The root of the problem

Whilst India has experienced significant economic growth over the last 20 years, much of this wealth generation has been inequitable.

600 million people living in rural villages have been left behind in the great India success story.

And whilst many factors contribute to poverty, a person's livelihood, and the ability to earn well, is the key to lifting a person out of it.

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Tackling livelihoods, holistically

We create sustainable, prosperous rural communities — where villagers have the livelihood, resources and dignity to prosper in life. Livelihoods is a multi-faceted issue and is so much more than just the imparting of skills and education. Our 6 programs are designed to help support people in every area of their lives, so they can not only earn, but also prosper in life.

ACF works for upliftment with

  • 2.6  mnPeople
  • 2613Villages
  • 44Districts
  • 11States

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