About ACF

Ambuja Foundation is an independent, pan-India development organization, committed to generating prosperous rural communities. We believe in the vast, untapped potential of rural communities and the unstoppable power of the people that live there. With investments in water, agriculture, skills, women, health and education, we enable ‘livelihoods’ as a pathway to unleashing that potential.

Partnering with like-minded corporates, Governments and others, we work collaboratively with communities to solve pressing community problems – empowering local people to be the catalysts and drivers of change. And over almost 3 decades of work, we have seen a complete transformation in the remote geographies in which we work.

Today, with the full support and encouragement of Ambuja Cements Ltd, we are committed to expanding our footprint and impact of our work even further, through partnerships – building many more sustainable, prosperous rural communities, and revitalising rural India as the backbone of this country.


A sustainable, prosperous society, built on long-term partnerships.

I have a dream.
A great one that changes the face of the country and the destiny of the nation. Where we join hands with other passionate leaders. And pool our respective strengths.
To make rural India prosper.


Chairman, Ambuja Cement Foundation


We energise, involve and enable communities to
realise their potential:


We motivate and mobilise people to work together and amplify impact.


We build partnerships and co-create solutions.


We build capacity and instill ownership.

ACF model

Community engagement & prioritisation of issues

  • Rapport building
  • Entry point activities

Identify participatory solutions

  • Listen to traditional wisdom
  • Understand issues & probable solutions

Institution Building & Implementation

  • Promote appropriate institutions
  • Building capacity
  • Implement pilots learning


  • Replicate successful solutions for scaling up

Ongoing Support

  • Acting as a guide and providing moral support


  • Strengthening Insitutions for long term sustainability

Prosperity Impacts

22% increase in the incomes of cotton farmers

30% increased production under system of rice intensification

2424 SHGs with Rs. 14.44 crore corpus


146 villages with 100% toilet coverage

Social Return on Investment – 13x in Kodinar (Gujarat)  5x in Rabriyawas (Rajasthan) and 8x in Darlaghat (HP)

Rs. 2403 million cumulative increase in income earned by SEDI graduates