October 15, 2020

ACF Launches 2019/20 Annual Report

The 2019/20 Annual Report was launched in September, highlighting the achievements of the Foundation over the last 12months, and once again an e-version of the report was distributed online to all key stakeholders.

The theme of the report this year is 'The Multiplier Effect.' ACF's Chairman, Narotam Sekhsaria once said, "I want you to take our investment and multiply it on the ground - I won't be happy until I see a 10x multiplier effect - to ensure that every rupee invested goes the extra mile in making an impact."

The team at ACF took this statement to heart and after years honing their efforts, it now lies at the core of all their work. So how do they achieve it?

·       By Pooling Resources: They do it by getting multiple stakeholders to pool limited resources;

·       By Training the Trainer:Training and empowering people to kickstart a movement to drive project growth;

·       By Building People's Institutions: They build people's institutions to engage communities in projects and build their capacity to lead it into the future;

·       By Sharing Knowledge: They share their learnings with other like-minded organisations, so that they too can enhance their impact.

We urge you to take the time and download the report to read through the many inspiring stories in its pages.


o   ClickHere for Full Report.

o   Click Here for e-version Report Overview

October 15, 2020

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