April 28, 2017

ACF Unites Leaders for 'World Water Day'

ACF commemorated the World Water Day 2017 by bringing together 133 leaders in Water Resource Management from across the country for 'A Participatory Dialogue on Co-creating Water Positive Communities - Exploring Synergies, Sharing Solutions'.
Held on the 22nd of March at the Ahmedabad Management Association in collaboration with 4th Wheel Social Impact, the event aimed to share knowledge and empower the country's Water Leaders with solutions to key challenges faced in creating Water Positive Communities.
Whilst discussing many key issues, the Sustainability of Community Water Initiatives emerged as a key threat, due to need to differentiate between 'water for life' (drinking water) and 'water for livelihood' (irrigation) and to create strong institutions around them.
Proposed solutions included the need to establish an apex body at the village level who will play an influential role in bringing solutions and taking action.
The discussion also emphasized on potential of technology to bring innovations to water sector. However it was also recognized that there was a need to develop tier-two institutions at the community level - women self help groups to manage drinking water and farmer Institutions to manage agriculture water.

It was discussed how critical it was that institutions should be formed at the start of the project and be offered hand-holding support and capacity building, throughout the project duration.
Ambuja Cement Foundation has a key strength and focus on the development of 'people's institutions' and their model of participatory development in communities has been a large contributor to the ongoing success of water initiatives.

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April 28, 2017

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