November 10, 2020

Achieving 10x - Training the Trainer: Adolescent Peer Educators

ACF is promoting adolescent health through a peer led, life skills based, education programme called APEKSHA (Adolescent Peer for Enhancement of Knowledge, Skill and Healthy Association) - reaching over 28,170 youth by training just 970 peer educators from 72 Schools.

APEKSHA is a behaviour change programme that educates adolescents on health by training young leaders to go forth and educate their peers, with the key objectives of:

  • Improving nutrition

  • Improving sexual & reproductive health

  • Enhancing mental health

  • Preventing injuries & violence

  • Preventing substance misuse

Peer Educators are identified and provided with 3 days orientation and 2 days of refresher trainings. With the support of ACF, they develop a monthly action plan with a target to complete a certain number of health talks, groups sessions and activities to educate their peers at school - using role plays, games, puzzles, group discussions, and a variety of other innovative teaching techniques to engage students in these sensitive topics.

By training and empowering youth, we are able to reach vast numbers of young people via the peer educator model.

November 10, 2020

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