September 15, 2022

Bravely Pursuing A Career in F&B


LOCATION: Bhamarwasi, Chirawa, Rajasthan

OCCUPATION: F&B Trainee & Student of Bachelor of Science


In Chirawa, Rajasthan, most of the women are bound to their homes, with families bestowing the responsibility for earning an income on the men of the house. But 19-year-old Monu decided to buck the trend by pursuing a career in Food & Beverage. With a handicapped mother, and from a poor farming family, Monu decided to explore skill training as a quick means to help earn an income. Enrolling in the short term food and beverage course at ACF’s Skill & Entrepreneurship Development Institute (SEDI), which she knew nothing about at first, she was soon excited about the prospects the industry offered – setting her sights on a front desk or steward role, while pursuing her Bachelor of Science.


Working round the clock, studying, training, and farming, Monu is a one driven young lady.


• SKILL TRAINING – Monu is in her final weeks of skill training and is enjoying her first taste of ‘work’ with on-the-job training at a reputed hotel. She loves hospitality as it provides an opportunity to meet and interact with new people.


• HIGHER SELF-STUDY – With her sights set on the coveted job of a steward or at the front desk reception, Monu realised that skill training alone may not be enough to get there. When she finishes her day of training, she spends long nights watching tutorials and lectures and studying for her graduation.


• AGRICULTURE – Monu’s obligations at home are also demanding, with her playing a hands-on role sowing, weeding, and irrigating crops on their 10 bigha of land – jobs she mostly does at night to help keep the family farm running.


• ANIMAL HUSBANDRY – With 2 buffaloes and 1 goat, Monu helps with milking the animals and pitches in to make milk products like buttermilk and lassi which they sell – using the money to buy fodder. She also tends to the animals daily – feeding, bathing and walking them before she attends her classes.


With a keen desire to be independent in life, and be a role model for other girls in her village, Monu burns the candle at both ends to chase her dream and help her family. “Just wait until I bring my first paycheck home, and help my family as “just a girl” – that will show them all just what girls can do!” she said.

September 15, 2022

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