September 07, 2018

6 ways in which ACF is helping Indian Farmers become prosperous

Farmers are the backbone of this nation, yet earnings from farming have been dwindling with time. The recently released Financial Inclusion Survey by NABARD concludes that in rural India, less than a quarter of income today is derived from agriculture. Even, in agricultural households, the income contribution is pegged at just over 43%. Cognizant of this situation, ACF has been working with farmers for over 2 decades now, helping them become prosperous through agriculture. Here are a few ways in which ACF is empowering them to earn more:

1. Increasing Yields & Profits through Capacity Building - Farmers are often unaware of the latest farming technologies and techniques, which inhibits them in resolving issues they face. ACF mobilises farmers into 'groups', educating them about best practices and conducting demonstrations to showcase new techniques. 

2. Fostering Market Linkages & Collective Bargaining - ACF motivates producers from various sections of society to come together and form producer collectives, helping them collectively bargain and leverage better market prices for their crops and produce. Joint procurement of inputs is also facilitated to reduce costs.

3. Providing 'real time' advice and support - Farmers often face 'real time' problems in the field. To address their issues ACF provides agriculture advisory and expertise which can be accessed via SMS services at Farmer Malls. There is even a radio station, which reaches farmers with necessary advice and solutions

4. Supporting Adoption of More Lucrative Crops - ACF works with farmers to veer them away from the traditional mono-cropping approach to a more lucrative multi copping approach. The approach enables farmers to deal with seasonal changes, supports soil fertility and helps them leverage market prices better.

5. Availing Insurance & Government schemes - ACF promotes and facilitates the adoption of insurance schemes to reduce agricultural risk which has seen good traction among farmers.

6. Promotion of Organic Farming Practices - Where possible, ACF promotes organic farming practices for more sustainable and healthier crop production.

Read more about how ACF is helping farmers across India become more prosperous, here
September 07, 2018

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