October 15, 2020

ACF Celebrates 'Poshan Maah'

In order to tackle malnutrition which is an endemic in a larger number of districts in India, the month of September is celebrated as 'Rashtriya Poshan Maah' - a campaign of the Government of India to highlight nutrition as a key component of the National Development Agenda and achieve better nutritional outcomes.


Across locations, ACF mobilized the community and encouraged participation - organizing a range of activities to promote nutrition, especially amongst women and mothers during this month. Here is a photo story of the activities organized in the villages:



A nutritional demonstration by community members at Lalhana village was organized where community members prepared supplementary and complimentary foods which enabled Sakhis to provide practical demonstration about good nutrition.



An awareness program was also organized for Ante-Natal and Pre-Natal Care with the support of ICDS and Childline Department in Baloda Bazaar.



Women at Anganwadi centres also learnt about the benefits of good nutrition. They educated the women on the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and after delivery and also discussed about the Importance of 1000 day of MCH and child abuse.



Children were also educated on the importance of nutrition and the right foods to eat to build energy.


For the first time, husbands were also invited to be educated on caring for the ANC mothers during pregnancy and after delivery.


Some women in Dadri even went the extra mile to make Rangolis with the nutritious food to make it attractive for the women and also help the Sakhis to explain better.


As part of ACF's year round maternal and child health initiative, malnutrition is a key focus and Sakhi's identify under nourished children and mothers, providing necessary diet plans, nutritional supplements, plantation drive for kitchen gardens, and providing messaging for promotion of breast feeding, age-appropriate complementary feeding.


ACF has a cadre of 143 Sakhis who are reaching out to mothers through maternal and child health services. The use of behaviour change communication like Nutrition discussion with mothers (Poshan Ghosti).. dialogue making ..poster competitions..nutrition rangoli brings change which enables Anganwadi workers, ASHAs and ANMs to improve the public health system and work on 1000 days intervention with regard to Maternal and Child Health.

October 15, 2020

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