September 24, 2019

ACF Releases its First Ever E-Annual Report

The Ambuja Cement Foundation Annual Report was unveiled at the ACF's 26th Annual General Meeting on 22ndAugust and for the first time ever, ACF took the report digital, creating a streamlined 'E-annual Report' to provide supporters with a 'bite-sized' overview of the full report in a dynamic, animated way.
The focus of this year's report was on 'The Grassroots Investors' - highlighting the many Government, Corporate, Non Profit and Community partners who invested in ACF projects to generate prosperous rural communities.
"116.19 Crores - That's how much we managed to invest in rural India this year: to transform communities, generate livelihoods and foster prosperity"
"Of course, we didn't do it alone.  It took investment from other like-minded people who understand the importance of investing at the grassroots of the country and see the value in our work as implementors"
Ambuja Cements Limited is the major investor at Ambuja Cement Foundation, contributing Rs. 44 Crore in 2018-19, but Ambuja Cement Foundation relies on contribution from so many diverse partners to enable its vast reach and impact.
"It's time to celebrate the 'Grassroots Investors' who, by working together enabled us to expand our impact and change the fortunes of 2073 villages and 2.5million people."
CLICK HERE to read E-Report
CLICK HERE to download the FULL Annual Report.
September 24, 2019

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