December 24, 2020

Health & Safety Focus at ACF

Health and Safety (H&S) has been a primary focus of ACF across all programs with customized interventions for different target audiences. Whilst the majority of the year saw efforts focus on COVID-19, the team still managed to carry out a variety of interventions at the beginning of the year at SEDI: 


-      Road Safety Awareness Week was organized in January in coordination  with the H&S Department of Ambuja Cement Sankrail through which SEDI trainees turned volunteers sensitizing two-wheeler drivers on road safety and the importance of wearing helmets. 

-      Fire safety mock drills were organized at SEDI Bhatapara in coordination with Ambuja Cement Safety Officer where a mock drill was conducted. A fire evacuation team was also discussed with trainees and facilitators providing them with situational examples and solutions. This helped trainees be ready for any fire mishap.

-      Safety Classes - In spite of the lockdown, the SEDI Bhatapara team still managed to have a virtual class on Safety covering topics on Electricals, Fire Safety, Road Safety, Pest Control Safety, Women Safety, Lighting and Thunder etc.

-      'Response to the Epidemic' Soft Skill Class - This is a topic now added to the Soft Skill Module wherein Soft Skill Trainers conduct a module on COVID-19 through a virtual class. The trainees are being guided on how to face the pandemic and also strengthen their immune system.

-      Foot-press Sanitizing Machines were installed at entrances, hand sanitizers and face masks were distributed, banners and posters were placed, social distancing areas were marked and weekly sanitization of every classroom is carried out. 

-      Safety Audits are also conducted by the Technical Teams to ensure that centres like the SEDI institutes are under the H&S guidelines. In SEDI, Chandrapur Shock treatment charts are displayed at various locations of the workshop. Signage to use face shield for grinding and lathe machines are displayed. Electrical grade mats are also laid in the electrical workshops. 

-      Monthly Safety Ambassador's meetings were also organized wherein the SEDI trainees are nominated as safety ambassadors and assigned responsibilities which are reviewed during these meetings. A safety module was also introduced recently through an online session to build more understanding about the subject. The team has also initiated conversations on HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment), Toolbox Talk and Emergency Preparedness


Being COVIDIENT: Employees, Trainees, Communities

A 5-week engagement program encouraging stakeholders to be COVIDIENT (a person who strictly follows the health directives and precautions during the coronavirus outbreak) was organized through activities like quizzes, articles and other activities. This program was first initiated as a pilot program for SEDI employees, but the success of the program then led to the same format being extended to the SEDI trainees and later to the communities.


-      5 behaviours were selected as part of the initiative, including the use of facemasks, mental health awareness during the pandemic, social distancing, handwashing and hygiene management. Based on each behaviour a week long activity was organized amongst employees to increase their knowledge about the virus. Positive feedback from the program encouraged the co-ordination team to extend this program to other stakeholders.

-      To enhance awareness and safety regarding COVID-19, ACF initiated various programs and activities like quiz's, face mask making videos, handwash demonstrations, poster making on social distancing among others.  The involvement of both trainer as well as trainees was encouraged and recognition was provided to the best participants. For spreading the information about these activities, there was a group created in which two employees from each SEDI were selected to promote the initiative.

-      On the community front, the same format was used of quiz's, facts and myth busters, engagement games and audio-video messages. On ground activities were conducted, like taking the COVID-19 warrior oath, delivering myth busters and dissemination of COVID-19 theme based placards. In some communities, theme based paintings and awareness videos on Village Health Nutrition Days were also organized.

To know more about our COVID-19 interventions click on this link:

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December 24, 2020

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