June 20, 2019

Here's how ACF is promoting health in rural communities

Raising awareness of health issues in rural communities plays a critical role in prevention and influencing the health seeking behaviour of families. A variety of activities were recently organized across locations to advocate 'better health.'

World Hypertension Day was celebrated in 5 ACF Locations (Chandrapur, Roorkee, Dadri, Bathinda and Ropar) in collaboration with local governments and hospitals, with a variety of events and activities to engage community members. With the theme 'Know your numbers' the activities focused on the need to raise awareness about high blood pressure in the community. Participants were encouraged to have regular blood pressure checkups and know their numbers, in order to take necessary action - urging as many people as possible to get involved in the May Measurement Month conducted in various locations. 

A check up camp by the local government health department was organized in Bathinda in which Dr. Hari Narayan, a Civil Surgeon gave a lecture on government schemes related to hypertension and preventive measures. 

Dr. Sanyogita, in charge of the Primary Health Centre (PHC) Balluana (Punjab) oriented the participants about the importance of lifestyle changes and following healthy living habits - avoiding smoking and alcohol, lowering sodium intake, following a low-fat and high-fiber diet, eating fruits and green vegetables, having proper physical exercise, aerobics, maintaining a healthy weight, going for regular pulse and BP checkups, reducing stress, lowering bad cholesterol levels & ensuring a healthy family history - which are all helpful in the prevention of Hypertension. In the following week, Government Schools in Bathinda along with the health department carried out rallies, quizzes and poster competitions on the eve of World No Tobacco Day. 

Hypertension is a major cause for a range of health problems such as strokes, heart attacks and kidney disease, and can also contribute to dementia. Many people who suffer from hypertension are not aware that they suffer from hypertension as there are no symptoms and is only diagnosed after a stroke or heart attack. 

Other Health Activities included:
  • An awareness session that was conducted on menstrual hygiene in Nalagarh with 148 women and adolescent girls participating from the community. A similar session was held in Kukurdi village where the use of sanitary pads and its benefits was promoted among women and girls.
  • A health camp that was organized among truckers near the Ropar plant, Punjab and community members of Ghanauli village to increase awareness and encourage better nutrition among truckers.
  • In close coordination with the CHC Goniana, Anemia Reduction Program was started in Bathinda. A doctor gave a lecture on anemia and its importance and checked the participants.
  • Anemia detection camp among the adolescents that was conducted in Mudhipar village of Chhattisgarh wherein 31 adolescents' hemoglobin was checked with the support of ACL pathologists and provided a health education and nutrition session.
  • 116 SHG women from Piyawali village of Dadri, Uttarpradesh attended a personal hygiene awareness camp that was conducted by Dr. Manisha Pandey, Gynecologist, NTPC.

June 20, 2019

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