April 28, 2017

India Today TV Feature

Ambuja Cement Foundation's Water Resource Management initiatives in the village of Rabriyawas, Rajasthan, were recently showcased as part of the Impact Feature program by India Today.

The video comes as yet another national television special which highlights the impact of our Water Resource Management program.

ACF has been working in this region since 1993, to build and sustain water positive communities and a recent Social Return on Investment Study showed that for every Rs 1 million invested, Rs 5.26 million resultant social return.

Key quantitative findings:
·       32.4% respondents felt that water availability has improved health, safety and wellness. Of this 11.3% particularly felt this in relation of women's health, safety and wellness.
·       9.3% respondents felt that their crop yield has improved after improved access to water.
·       11.5% respondent felt an improvement in women empowerment.
·       25.2% respondent felt that water accessibility has improved sustainability culture.

Key qualitative findings:
·       Farm ponds and micro-irrigation technologies are highly efficient in utilizing the water effectively drop by drop to harvest in all the 3 seasons or at least 2 seasons - transforming barren land to irrigated lands.
·       Farmer's safety is drastically improved with the introduction of Vertical Turbine pumps. Farmers used to get down under water to unclog pumps and suffer fatalities and serious injury as a result.

April 28, 2017

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