November 10, 2020

Pooling in Resources to Scale SEDI

By pooling the resources of different stakeholders, ACF has been able to swiftly scale its Skill & Entrepreneurship Development Institute programme across 11 states. Working in collaboration with Government and Corporate Partners, ACF has helped to grow the programme from 1 centre in 2006 to 33 centres in 2019.

With a proven model in place and strong community outcomes, many corporates are turning to ACF to help them kickstart their own, co-branded Skill & Entrepreneurship Development Institute, as part of their CSR. What started with an initial Rs. 40 lakhs investment from ACF in 2006 has grown to a Rs. 23.91 crore programme thanks to the pooled resources of funding, knowledge and infrastructure partners.

By training rural youth with skills to find jobs, build careers and grow businesses in their local or neighbouring communities, the programme is injecting life into rural communities - revitalising families, supporting the recruitment needs of local businesses, and helping young people earn lucrative livelihoods.

The programme is helping to diversify household incomes which were once reliant on seasonal and unpredictable agriculture. Additionally, young people who would otherwise face unemployment or menial farm jobs, are carving meaningful careers and helping support and uplift their families in the process.

ACF has a grand vision for the expansion of Skill & Entrepreneurship Development Institutes across locations via the formation of stand alone and satellite centres - and aims to further expand and reach 50 centres by the end of 2021-22 financial year.

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November 10, 2020

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