June 02, 2020

SAHAYA Loans Support SHG Livelihood Streams

With the outbreak of Covid-19 virus and subsequent lockdown across the entire country, daily wage earners have been struggling to survive, with many facing starvation. 

ACF's Village Functionary staff member Neetu Dhruw in Chhattisgarh, a Sahyogini heard about the SAHAYA loan from Union Bank which provided women belonging to an SHG with a loan of Rs. 5000. This was a ray of hope for SHG members facing difficulty to make ends meet and with guidance from Sahyogini and ACF, 10 SHG groups applied for the loan and brainstormed ways they could generate income by harnessing the funds.

And success followed.  The Union Bank granted loans to 52 Member at Rs. 5000 for each member of 6 groups. Out of these 52 members, 21 members started vegetable production and in a month the produce grown has reached the local markets, providing them with a much needed source of income. These women turned their backyards into small Vegetable cultivation areas calling it a 'Wadi' - earning Rs. 500 to 800 rupees in a week.

A total of 5 members have also started small grocery shops and a few have initiated creating face masks for the Gram Panchayat and Janpad Panchayat. In making of masks, women have earned Rs. 11,000 from masks made at a cost of Rs. 5000. 

Thru the same loan systems, the followings amounts have been received by SHGs in other ACF locations 

  •       3 SHGs from Sankrail received Rs. 1.8 lakh each
  •        6  SHGs from Kodinar received Rs.14 lakhs from Kodinar Taluka Co-operative Bank
  •        9 SHGs linked in Roorkee for credit
  •        1 SHG from Chandrapur received Rs. 3 lakhs for seed fertilizer support
  •       10 SHGS from Dadri received Rs. 20 lakhs
  •        5 SHGs from Bhatapara received Rs. 2 lakhs each
  •       15 have received Rs. 7 lakhs each for seed, fertilizer support in Chandrapur
Under Process-

  •        26 SHGs from Chandrapur to receive Rs. 1 lakh each
  •        16 SHGs under process in Darlaghat
  •        4 SHGs under process in Ropar
June 02, 2020

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