July 06, 2017

The 'License to Thrive'

This month, Ambuja Cement Foundation was profiled in an article by Triple Pundit - "Businesses move from Licence to Operate to Licence to Thrive.  Here are some key excerpts from the article:
"The commitment of over 900 businesses in the 'We Are Still In' movement illustrates the increasingly important role companies play in addressing social and environmental challenges. The ownership of this responsibility is furthering a shift away from 'license to operate,'  in which companies seek the passive acceptance of communities, toward 'license to thrive,'  where companies more actively partner with communities to address critical challenges. 

At the local level, this approach requires more dynamic engagement, but when done well, it can establish businesses as essential community partners and contribute to the long-term success of both companies and communities.

Acting on the opportunities to contribute to society requires a more proactive community engagement approach that underpins a detailed understanding of community needs. Ambuja Cements Ltd., India's top cement manufacturing company, is among the leading firms pioneering the license to thrive - and benefiting as a result. 

When the now-$1.2 billion company started in the 1980s, it quickly realized that communities can be skeptical of cement manufacturing plants opening in their backyards. Understanding the company's potential to support the communities surrounding their plants, Ambuja launched the Ambuja Foundation to implement a thoughtful approach to community engagement.

By building trust and demonstrating their commitment to the community, Ambuja's business presence is encouraged by local stakeholders. During legally-mandated public hearings, community members often write letters and speak out in support of the business.

 'License to thrive' enables companies to meaningfully support communities while building a positive rapport that benefits the business. And with communities increasingly looking to companies to serve as partners in addressing critical challenges, this model is more important than ever. Leading companies must appreciate their unique role in society, engage actively, and work with communities to help them prosper.

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July 06, 2017

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