September 24, 2019

Wounded ‘Jawan’s’ Retrained by ACF

ACF's Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (SEDI) has introduced technical training programs for injured and retired Jawans at Roorkee, with the first batch at the Institute beginning in the month of May 2019.
Roorkee is well known for the presence of a military cantonment which was established way back in 1853 and eventually became the headquarters of the 'Bengal Sappers.'  Today, in 2019, the cantonment has presence of Dogra, Mahar and Punjab regiments which includes 2000 soldiers and 6000 family members stationed in the area.
The Indian Army has a practice of stationing their troops in war and peace zones on rotation basis. The war zone for the army currently stationed in Roorkee cantonment (classified as peace zone) was hilly region of Leh/Laddakh, Kashmir and Indian border adjoining China and Himachal Pradesh.
In a discussion with Major Animesh Kumar, Dogra Regiment, Roorkee Cantonment area explained that in war regions soldiers sometimes suffer health issues such as backbone injury, high blood pressure, muscle and joint injuries, frost bite and breathing problems. The other health and life threats include guerilla attack, combat situations and militancy in war zone which is a common phenomenon in border regions. In such a situation if soldiers becomes unfit due to circumstances then s/he is transferred to a peace zone for the remaining duty period and is eventually retired from the army.
In view with the situation of armed forces, Major Animesh Kumar took up the initiative to establish the Sangeen Sainik Institute and Women Empowerment Centre for training and development of Jawans and their family members in the Roorkee Cantonment area. The institute has a robust infrastructure with class rooms, meeting rooms, bakery unit, computer class, crèche facility and gymnasium, however lacked someone to deliver high quality training programs.
Ambuja Cement Foundation kick-started training with a total number of 25 Jawans out of which 8 Jawans have successfully completed their training, and presently 17 Jawans are enrolled in the second batch.
"It's been really very kind of Ambuja Cement Foundation to have collaborated with Sangeen Sainik Institute and start vocational training and technical training consisting of both hard and soft skills for Jawans serving at the Roorkee army station." Said Major Animesh Kumar.

"The LED Bulb Making and Repair Classes proved especially beneficial to the Jawans placed in the low medical category or those who are proceeding to the pension establishment." He said. "We are looking forward for many more such courses in the times to come and continued collaboration for the same." Major Kumar said.

The training also aimed to help assist the setting up of their enterprises after they retire from services and meanwhile all Jawans will provide technical services in the cantonment area, including Military premises, staff quarters, Army Hospitals and Army Schools.
Training was provided to develop technical knowledge and understanding on LED repair and electronics equipment repair techniques to assist the soldiers in repairing and maintaining electronic equipment in cantonment and battlegrounds. 
Additionally the Jawans required training on computer skills which would assist them in their roles in the Army and help in future career options after retirement from services.
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September 24, 2019

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