September 15, 2022

Speech & Hearing Impairment, No Barrier To Business

NAME: Nrishingha Malik

LOCATION: Sankrail, West Bengal

OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur


Born hearing and speech impaired, Nrishingha Malik faced a major hurdle when he graduated from his Sewing Machine Technician course at SEDI – how to appear for an interview to get a job? Something most take for granted, became a major blockage for the young man from Sankrail West Bengal, and he decided to turn his attention to kick-starting his own business instead.


And his gamble has paid off! The silence in his world helped him focus his energies on his new tailoring business and the business took off! So much so that today he employs 5 people from his village and his average monthly turnover is Rs. 1,10,000


• Entrepreneur – Obtaining a loan from the bank, Nrishingha launched a small tailoring shop in Howrah purchased by his father, and was soon receiving orders from local Haats (local retailers) – working around the clock to fulfil the orders. During the pandemic he pivoted and started making masks for the Government and other local orders.


• Employer – Providing a job and secure income to 5 people from his village, Nrishingha, as the Master Trainer, focuses on cutting, while the others focus on measuring, sewing and liaising with customers.


Social activities – Nrishingha has not allowed his physical limitations to hold him back, and throughout the pandemic and lockdown, he bought and distributed food for the many impoverished around him.


Inspiration – He has inspired many other physically challenged youngsters in his neighbourhood to chase their dreams and achieve success in life.


Nrishingha has refused to live life as ‘disabled’ and now sees himself as ‘differently abled’. As a role model in his community, many other physically challenged youth are now changing the way they view their impairment – seeing it as simply a stumbling block that they can overcome, if only they believe in themselves

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September 15, 2022

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