August 24, 2023

The 2-Wheeler King

Name: Satyaveer Singh

Age: 24 years old

Location: Chirawa, Rajasthan

Business: Shree Ma Motors Private LTD

A 24-year-old revolutionary from Chirawa, Rajasthan, is taking on the likes of TVS and Bajaj – leaders in India’s competitive 2-wheeler segment – by kickstarting his own e-scooter assembly business.

And the gamble is paying off! In just 2 years, Satyaveer Singh has a Rs. 1.13 crore turnover, assembling 6500 bikes per year with bikes available via franchise sales dealers in 168 outlets across the country.

Satyaveer completed his Front Office Associate course at SEDI and had hopes of opening his own hotel. But on graduation, Satyaveer saw potential in the automobile sector – having earlier worked for Royal Enfield, and studied at ITI, he knew the segment well.

‘Shree Ma Motors’ emerged in 2021 after he tried his hand as a sub-dealer of parts, importing plastic bike fittings from China. He soon began making his own e-scootys – assembling the battery fitting, motor and frame and decking it out with the imported parts.

From here, the business quickly grew. Today, with 36 employees and 4 simulators, his bikes are assembled in Chirawa, and warehoused in various locations around the country ready for sale. With an eye for design, he has created 5 e-scooters, 1 bike and even a 3-wheeler.

As the business took off, he soon saw the need to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills – enrolling in SEDI’s Entrepreneurship Development Program in 2022. What is the secret to his success? “Our price is lower than other brands, and the quality is better. We also provide door to door service,” Satyaveer says.

He believes that quality customer service and post sales support is crucial to his success. Soft spoken, confident and humble, Satyaveer has taken Shree Ma Motors from strength to strength.

So much so, that he has already started sharing his new-found success – kickstarting donations to schools in the local area. What next from this incredible young man?

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August 24, 2023

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