July 05, 2022

Water Leaders Converge - Stewardship & Sustainability

ACF organized a virtual event on 'Water Stewardship & Sustainable Environment' on 8th June 2022, coinciding with World Environment Day. Keynote Speakers and panellists included experts from the water and sustainability industry who shared their experiences and best practices on rainwater management with a special focus on water in rural areas. 

The keynote speaker was Dr. Himanshu Kulkarni, Founder, Trustee and Executive Director of the Advanced Centre for Water Resources, who gave the audience a brief overview of the status of Groundwater in India. As a leading hydrogeologist working on aquifers and groundwater across India for almost 40 years, Dr Kulkarni brought significant depth to the event – helping participants understand the gravity of the situation in India. 

Additionally, a special address was given by Dr. D.K. Hari and Dr. D. K. Hema Hari, conceptualizers and Founders of Bharat Gyan - sharing a macro-perspective on the importance of traditional sustainable water conservation practices. 

The event continued with a rich panel discussion on the Convergence for Sustainable Water Resources with a multi-stakeholder group of panellists from the Corporate, Government & NGO sectors. Panellists included:

Niyati Sareen, Project Director, Water & Education, Hinduja Foundation; 

Shefali Agarwal, GM, Water Resources, NABARD; 

Reshma Anand, CEO, Hindustan Unilever Foundation;

Chandrakant Kumbhani, VP, Community Development, ACF. 

Moderated by Anagha Mahajani, Vice President, Program Research & Monitoring, ACF, these senior leaders with vast experience and portfolios in the area of sustainable water management, shared striking insights on the issue of water which was well received by participants. 

Water Resource Management is one of Ambuja Foundation's largest flagship initiatives.

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July 05, 2022

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