June 28, 2023

What Works in Rural Drinking Water Governance

ACF organized a closed door event to discuss ‘what works in rural drinking water governance’ in India, in collaboration with the National Jal Jeevan Mission Professor Chair, Centre for Water Policy and Governance, and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. The event included key experts working on water from Government, NGOs, Corporates and consultants.

The first workshop, held on the 2nd June 2023 was planned as an agenda setting workshop for a larger event planned around Sep/Oct 2023. The first workshop brought together 30-40 participants who have experience in working on decentralized water solutions in arid and semi-arid geographies. It focused on obtaining their reflections on what works and the challenges that they have faced in terms of scaling up or sustaining their work. More importantly, they shared their insights in working with water policies.

The first session at the workshop focused on experience sharing by implementers focused on innovative practices in both design and implementation of projects. At this session various NGOs and CSR implementers shared knowledge and innovations of their works on water. 

The second session at the workshop focused on what investors, corporates, government and policy makers scrutinize to invest in water. This, also in view of mandating people’s participation, contributing to the economy and convincing the board room.

The event concluded with an open discussion on comments and conversation that were not made through the earlier sessions.

The second workshop to be held later this year will build on these discussions and bring together a larger group of rural policy makers and executors as well as relevant people in policy making. It will showcase geography appropriate solutions, and will attempt to curate deliberations so that the agenda identified in the first workshop can receive some hearing, financial support and policy support.

If you would like to be a part of the next event, please write with your interest to

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June 28, 2023

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