Andhra Pradesh

The challenges

Agricultural dealers in Palnadu region of Guntur District were misguiding farmers and promoting the unnecessary use of chemicals and fertilisers.  This was creating multiple problems.

Firstly it was pushing farmers into debt and making agriculture an unprofitable enterprise. Additionally, soil in the Palnadu region of Guntur District was majorly contaminated which meant crops produced a lower yield and therefore lower profits.

Secondly the excess usage was contaminating the drinking water supplies, along with water used for agriculture.  This issue had the most adverse effect on the poor within the community, as they have to spend most of their hard — earned money on purchasing purified water.

Flagship initiative – Drinking Water

To solve the problem of drinking water, ACF established purified drinking water projects including 8 RO plants in the affected villages.

Domestic water programs were also supported, including the construction of mini water storage tanks, drilling of bore wells, provision of water distribution pipe lines and the support of electrical pump sets.

This has had a ripple effect within the community on the status of health of families and has reduced unnecessary costs of purchasing water for domestic purposes.