The challenges

The two main occupations of the people are agriculture and service in cement factories.  With high investment and low returns, farmers working in agriculture, horticulture, goatary poultry and other traditional work started moving to other livelihood opportunities. Looking at the problem, Ambuja Cement Foundation introduced innovative aproaches to agriculture and package of practices to make farming a profitable business in the area.

Flagship initiative – Systematic Rice Intensification (SRI)

The average rice productivity in Chattisgarh in 2014/15 was 2050 Kg/ha in 2014-15, compared to 3000-4000kg (non irrigated) and 5500-6000 kg/ha (irrigated) in other areas.

Therefore ACF demonstrated improved practices of paddy cultivation to enhance productivity and household income. Additionally, farmers are motivated to adopt quality seeds, bio fertilizer, vermi-compost, farmyard manure and protective irrigation to ensure quality kharif and rabi crops.

ACF has also been promoting vegetable cultivation among farmers, encouraging them to grow crops like onion, tomato, brinjal and bottle gourd.