Madhya Pradesh

The challenges

Amarwara is located in between the mountains of Satpuda, confined between Dulha Dev Ghati and Bhumka Ghati. It has a market for Chironji / Charoli, which is supplied from here to points all over India. It also belongs to the tribal belt of MP.

Agriculture is dependent on rainfall, and farmers are only able to grow 2 yields per year. Due to the tribal belt, people are hesitant to send their children outside the district for job placements, although they know that there are very few vacancies and jobs available in the local market. To motivate and convince families to allow youngsters to relocate to access jobs in any other state and district was a big challenge of SEDI.

Flagship initiative - SEDI

SEDI was established in Amarwara Dist., Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh in 2010. Sewing machine operator and security guard training are the two most popular courses as the placement in these trades is more than 80%. SEDI placed more than 80 girls in the sewing machine operator trade in Bangalore Shaai Export, more than 100 trainees in Pratibhya Syntax, Indore, and around 50 youth in Chhindwara. Also, more than 500 security guards have been placed till date in various location pan-India.

Due to the challenge of placement and relocation, we started calling organisations to show the working environment provided to trainees and their parents before interviews, so trainees and their parents were convinced to agree to placements outside the area.