The challenges

Chandrapur is located in the eastern edge of Maharashtra in the Vidharbha region. The predominantly tribal area had to contend with issues such as uneven rainfall, poor infrastructure, few irrigation facilities, traditional farming methods, high cost of cultivation and low yield, along with injudicious use of nitrogenous fertilisers and chemical pesticides, resulting in loss of soil fertility. The ‘Dedi’ System meant farmers were in the control of moneylenders, and there was an absolute dependency on middlemen. Because of that, the farmers were not able to reap any profits.

There is also an alarming high rate of MMR (Maternal Mortality Rate) and IMR (Infant Mortality Rate), as these tribal villages remain isolated, have poor health facilities and lack of knowledge about better health.

Flagship initiative – Agriculture

ACF bridges the gap between technology and farming, empowering farmers to adopt practices that are both sustainable and profitable in the long run. ACF Chandrapur has found major support through partnership with BCI, as well as doing various activities linked with ATMA, NABARD and MACP. We also collaborate with CICR-Nagpur and encourage scientists to share their knowledge and best practices with the community.

We reach out to 22009 cotton farmers for capacity building on sustainable package of practices, covering an area of 48200 hectares belonging to 22,009 farmers. ACF introduced fruit crop plantations as well as improved packages of practices of vegetable growing where we promote and demonstrate low cost shade net nurseries.

We run specialty camps for livestock vaccination, health check-ups, treatment, infertility treatments, de-worming, castration, and artificial insemination. With the help of ACF, Gadchandur Farmer Producer Company Limited (GFPCL) was formed; it has established an Agri-Mall – a one-stop shop to provide quality agro-inputs to farmers at reasonable rates as well as to perform the role of 'One Window' service provider for all the needs of the farmers.