CSR Implementation

CSR Implementation

Yes, we started out as a corporate foundation. We began working at the grassroots around our plants and factories, to ensure that as we prospered, so did the communities around us. And we succeeded. But over the last 27 years we have realised that the need of rural India is so vast.

Today we are a CSR implementation agency – helping other corporates realise their corporate social responsibility in rural India. We work hand in hand with partners co-creating projects and doing CSR implementation - using our expertise and learnings on the ground in rural communities to achieve lasting change.

Why Choose ACF to Implement Your CSR?

When considering a CSR implementation partner, there is a need to assess the strengths of an organisation vis a vie other implementing NGOs:

Total CSR Compliance

We align with CSR law and legislation and meet all compliances necessary for a development sector organization, including filing returns and registrations, and having FCRA and 80G Certification.

Reporting & Monitoring Impact

We understand the reporting requirements of corporates and have a detailed monitoring & evaluation system in place that enables us to capture detailed data on our impact.

Community Capacity & Ownership

We have proven expertise in building community capacity and ownership - making projects sustainable in the long run by building people’s institutions.

Last Mile Reach

We have a proven process in place to enable last mile reach and are located in the deep interiors where the problem lies.