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Why Partner with ACF?

The task of solving the rural problem in India is gargantuan. And we must work together to make an impact. We’ve got a unique set of skills.


We're an implementer and we are located at the coal face - where the problem is. We are on the ground, in the deep interiors and in the thick of the action.

Last mile reach

We have a proven process in place to enable last mile reach - deep into areas untouched by development. Our team is oriented towards this last mile reach and is accustomed to work in such areas.

Community Capacity & Ownership

We have proven expertise in building community capacity and ownership - and this makes projects sustainable in the long run.

We’re different

And believe that these differentiators set us apart from the pack.

Facilitating Consortium of Partners

We can lead, manage & facilitate a consortium of partners and help them find common ground i.e. Government, Corporates

Traditional Wisdom & Modern Technology

We marry modern technology with the traditional wisdom of the community and ensure community ownership of projects.

People's Institutions for

We build people's institutions so that the local people can help in managing the long-term sustainability of each project.

Impact Tours

Impact tours are an important aspect of ACF's efforts to show key stakeholders and prospective partners the important work we are doing on ground. We want you to see, feel and hear, first hand, the impact we are making, in helping rural people prosper.

Most tours spend 3 days in one of our many locations - interacting directly with community leaders, local staff and government officials, and of course, enjoying the hospitality that rural India and ACF are renown for.

You are an invaluable contributor to our mission - we hope you choose to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with the people whose lives you have helped prosper.

Expressions of interest

Ways to partner