Agriculture Sustainable Farming Models & Capacity Building

Sustainable Farming Models & Capacity Building

We promote more sustainable farming practices and build the capacity of farmers in improved agriculture and agri-allied techniques, so agriculture becomes a profitable and sustainable business for farmers and their families

Improved Crop Management Practices

We promote improved and sustainable agricultural practices which help farmers to optimise yield and profits, whilst minimising the adverse impact of agricultural practices on both the environment and the people who work in agriculture.

Natural & Organic Farming

We promote natural and organic practices for crop production, which are environment and human health friendly. We support farmers with training, technical guidance and critical inputs to grow crops in organic and natural ways, optimising produce quality and market value.

Crop Diversification & Multiple Cropping

We support farmers to adopt crop diversification by changing the cropping pattern or growing multiple crops, so farmers can improve the income from farming and also can reduce risk of crop failure. ACF promotes crops that are environmentally friendly, and help farmers in climate change adaptation.


We guide farmers in diversifying farming by promoting vegetable and fruit cultivation along with floriculture, to enhance their farming income for sustainable livelihoods.

Allied Agriculture

We promote animal husbandry with the focus of improved practices for animal health, to improve the productivity and profitability of livestock rearing for farmer’s and landless families. Our support centres around milch cattle, aquaculture, goatery, and poultry as farmer family enterprises.


2.1 lakh

farmers with improved crop management practices

1.73 lakh

farmers under Better Cotton


farmers under organic/natural farming


farmers involved in fruit and Vegetable cultivation


farmers engaged in Animal Husbandry


Pashu Swasthya Sakhi (PSS) supporting on Animal Health