Skill Training

Skill Training

We empower youth with the domain and life skills, workplace experience and certifications, required to get good livelihood opportunities, earn decent incomes and uplift their families.

Mobilisation of Youth

We reach out to youth using various tools of mobilisation like door to door contact, focus group interactions, night meetings with community, meeting with parents, advertising on social media, and engaging volunteers to highlight SEDI activities, courses and career opportunities.

Skills Need Scanning

We scan local industries and find out the skills needed in each area - upgrading syllabus accordingly, and ensuring our graduates find jobs in local and regional businesses.

Trade/Soft Skills Training & Curriculum Development

We provide students with a mix of practical and theoretical trade skills, develop industry appropriate behaviour, along with all important soft and life skills, computer literacy, functional English – continually upgrading curriculum to meet the latest industry needs.

On the Job Training & Workplace Experience

We facilitate on-the-job training and workplace experience to expose students to the realities of the workplace and prepare them for employment.

Counselling & Career Guidance

We provide counselling and career guidance to help young people make the right decisions for a secure, prosperous future based on their needs and wants.



syllabus developed


well-equipped skill training centers


trainers engaged for training




Community Mobilisers