School Support (Education)

We support the growth and development of local schools to improve the educational outcomes and delivery for teachers, children and their families

Our interventions

We support the delivery of quality education in Government schools by providing capacity building of teachers, training, appointing Balmitras in classrooms, value-adding curriculum and integrating technology to ensure quality education for children.

Academic Support -

ACF trained Balmitras to work with slow learners in order to help them achieve their academic milestones. Balmitras also promote the involvement of children in preparing and using various teaching learning materials.

Capacity Building of Teachers/Balmitra -

ACF regularly organises primary school teacher training for teachers for updating their knowledge and skills in their subjects. Similarly, regular trainings of Balmitras are organised for updating their skills in emerging issues.

Integration of Resources & Technology -

ACF has supported several schools in imparting teaching through electronic mode and by injecting educational resources and tools into classrooms to help children learn more, faster.

Extracurricular activities -

ACF helps facilitate various extracurricular activities which promotes independent thinking and self confidence in the children. Various activities like BalSabha, competitions, science fairs, and summer camps are organised on a regular basis.