School Support (Infrastructure)

We help upgrade the infrastructure and resources at local schools to help create a better learning environment for children.

Our interventions

We invest in rural school infrastructure and resources to revitalise local government schools and enhance the learning environment and outcomes for children.

iso accredition for ACF

ISO Accreditation -

ACF helps facilitate the application of ISO Accreditation and works with principals and school management committees to upgrade all aspects of the school to meet international standards and transform into rural ISO certified schools.

Sanitation Facilities -

We ensure that each school has adequate sanitation facilities, including boys and girls toilets and proper hand washing facilities. ACF also educates children on the need for proper sanitation.

School Beautification -

ACF paints educational murals and key messages both inside and outside school walls to not only beautify schools but also to educate children and community at the same time.

Kitchen Garden -

We work with School Management Committees to develop a kitchen garden, where possible, to support the midday meal scheme and to teach children responsibility in caring for plants.