Special Education

We help children with special educational needs reach their full potential in life through special education, rehabilitation and allied support services.

Our interventions

Our school for the differently abled, Ambuja Manovikas Kendra, improves the quality of life of differently-abled children and teaches them skills so they can be independent in their day to day activities.

Early Intervention & Therapeutic Centres -

Children between the age of 0-6 years with intellectual disabilities receive early identification and assessment, childhood development, intervention through special education, behaviour modification program and guidance for medical intervention. In order to tackle multiple issues such as poor balance, posture, weak gross and fine motor skills and speech problems, a Therapeutic Centre has been established to provide regular Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.

Home based rehabilitation programme -

Covering around 25km radius from AMK, ACF works with 11 children via their home based rehabilitation program. The objective is to impart activities of daily living skills in the home environment, especially for the severely challenged and to sensitise the parents/guardians of the target group through counselling and related inputs.

Resource Room-Separate Remedial Classroom -

There are not many specific learning materials for mentally challenged children. AMK set up a resource room to provide training to students in activities of daily living, sensory integration, social exposures, functional academics and recreational activities.

Skill Centre at AMK -

This Vocational Training Centre is a joint initiative between ACF and Cipla Foundation to train and rehabilitate 50 differently-abled youth in the next three years. Currently, the centre offers training in artificial jewellery making, pottery and baking.

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