Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health

We train and mobilise village health workers and adolescent peer educators to increase health awareness, knowledge, and health-seeking behavior of women and children under our adolescent, maternal, and child health programs.

Our interventions

In the absence of proper pre-natal care and post-natal care, as well as a lack of institutional deliveries, rural maternal and child health are at high risk. Adolescent health is another grave concern in rural India due to minimal education and a lack of support.

Home Based Neonatal Care -

ACF's Sakhis are trained to provide home based neonatal care in rural areas. They provide maternal and child health services to pregnant mothers, assist in deliveries, oversee the management of new — borns, and ensure follow-ups — all to reduce maternal and infant mortality ratios.

Ante Natal & Post Natal Services -

Early registrations of pregnant mothers, supporting with antenatal and postnatal services. This helps to reduce high-risk pregnancy and ensures safe delivery. Providing micronutrients and nutritional supplements for healthy growth and development of the baby.

Immunisation -

We promote the immunisation of pregnant mothers and children up to 5 years. Every child is referred for timely immunisation and with the aim of coverage of 100% immunisation.

Adolescent Health -

We provide adolescent health education in schools and create a cadre of peer educators. Topics covered include human anatomy and changes during adolescence; adolescent anaemia interventions and IFA supplementation program.

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