Post training

We guide SEDI Graduates into the right jobs, and support them through the first few years of placement to ensure retention and growth

Our interventions

Finding employment for rural youth can be tough.  Youth often lack the work-relevant skills, credentials, information and connections needed to secure jobs and kickstart their careers. Additionally, competition has intensified among businesses, forcing them to improve the efficiency and quality of their products and services.  This means they hire fewer, but more skilled, workers. 

Once skill training is complete, SEDI helps facilitate the placement of graduates into their first jobs, via a network of partnerships with industries and businesses.  After placement, rural youth face many challenges, which require hand-holding, counselling and support.

Job Placement & Meets -

We help facilitate the placement of our graduates into secure positions where their skills are relevant and put to good use. Additionally, employers work closely with SEDI to sort out the challenges in placement and retention.

Job Fairs -

We hold Job Fairs in regional locations and invite businesses to come, meet candidates and learn more about the SEDI Program.

Mentoring & Support -

There are a variety of challenges that young people face during their first job placement and in order to increase retention, we provide ongoing mentoring and support to help them reach their career aspirations and settle into their roles.

Refresher Training -

Learning is a lifelong pursuit and we encourage our graduates to attend regular refresher training and additional, advanced courses to continually increase their employability, suite of skills and offerings to employers.

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