Young people pursue skills training with passion and get connected to a course, which suits their interest and aptitude.

Our interventions

Sometimes it's difficult for young people to know what options are available to them when it comes to their career and education.

We conduct outreach and meet with families and young people, to educate them on the various avenues in the area of skills and the types of jobs they can get in the future.  

Our night meetings ensure that their questions and concerns are answered and that students are channelized into the right courses.

Skills Need Assessment -

We conduct an Industry Skills Need Assessment in each SEDI area to identify local skilling needs to ensure our graduates become valued employees of local and regional businesses.

Mobilisation of Youth -

We conduct Night Meetings in Villages with youth and parents to highlight SEDI courses, features and opportunities. We answer queries and help young people think about their future.

Counselling & Career Guidance -

We provide counselling and career guidance to help young people navigate this complex phase in life and make the right decisions for a secure, prosperous future based on their needs and wants.

Curriculum Development -

We customise curriculum to meet the needs of businesses and ensure a mix of classroom, practical and on the job training for SEDI students.

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