We empower youth with the practical skill development training,workplace experience and certifications requiredto get good jobs, earn decent incomes and uplifttheir families.

Our interventions

In spite of the fact that there is enormous potential in rural India, thousands of youth migrate every day to urban areas in search of education, skill development training, employment and livelihood opportunities. Limited infrastructure, a lack of educational facilities and few financial support options often mean that a large portion of rural talent goes to waste – with many young people resorting to unskilled agricultural jobs.  

ACF establishes training institutes in rural areas to provide youth with a wide variety of skill development training opportunities – giving them choices and pathways in life.

Skills Needs Assessment -

We conduct an industry skills needs assessment to identify local skill development training needs to ensure our graduates become valued employees of local and regional businesses.

Mobilisation of Youth -

We conduct night meetings in villages with youth and parents to highlight skill development training courses, features and opportunities. We answer queries and help young people think about their future.

Counselling & Career Guid-ance -

We provide counselling and career guidance to help young people navigate this complex phase in life and make the right decisions for a secure, prosperous future based on their needs and wants.

Trade/Soft Skills Training & Curriculum Development -

We provide students with a mix of practical industry and trade skills, along with all important soft skills – continually upgrading curriculum to meet the latest industry needs.

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