We empower youth with the necessary practical skills, workplace experience and certification, to get good jobs, earn decent incomes and uplift their families.

Our interventions

In spite of the fact that there is enormous potential in rural India, thousands and millions of youth migrate every day to urban areas in search of education, training, employment and livelihood opportunities. 

ACF establishes training institutes in rural areas to provide youth with a wide variety of skilling opportunities to give them choices in life.  SEDI offers 29 different courses covering sectors such as construction, health, capital goods, automotive, retail, hospitality, security, beauty & wellness, and garment making among others.  

In 2017 and '18, we aim to train 7500 and 10365 new youth respectively, through SEDIs. 

Trade & Soft Skills -

We provide students with a mix of practical industry and trade skills necessary for doing a job, but also vital soft skills which are required by employers.

Workplace Experience -

Students have a balanced schedule of classroom training, and workplace experience to expose them to the realities of the workplace and prepare them for employment.

On-the-Job Training -

We facilitate on-the-job training for students to get firsthand experience and the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real-time situation.

Entrepreneurship -

We actively foster entrepreneurship at SEDI to help students create their own businesses and equip them with the necessary skills for their business to flourish.

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