Drinking Water

We work with families and communities to ensure clean drinking water availability for daily household consumption.

Our interventions

We work with families and communities to ensure availability of clean drinking water for daily household consumption. We aim to ensure clean drinking water availability to 44500 households by 2018.

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Structures -

ACF educates families on the domestic benefits of rainwater harvesting and provides technical support to help with installation. Whilst families invest in the water harvesting structures, ACF provides subsidies wherever possible.

Drinking Water Distribution System -

Working in collaboration with the Government, ACF helps mobilise people to work together, and distribute water equitably throughout communities via a drinking water distribution system of pipes and taps. The aim is to promote village institutions that will take care of the operation and maintenance of the drinking water distribution system in years to come.

Drinking Water Sources -

ACF works with families and communities to revive, build and maintain local sources of drinking water such as ponds, wells and handpumps.

Quality Surveillance and Awareness Building -

Once solutions are in place, ACF monitors the quality of water and also raises awareness in the community about water quality issues and relevant remedial measures if required.

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