Savings, Credit & Income generation

Our aim is to help rural women earn an income. We help them save and access credit. We also train and upskill them, help them start their own businesses and provide them with market linkage.

Our interventions

By earning an income, women gain a lot of confidence, independence and pride. It also improves their situation and that of their families who are often struggling to survive. Women are powerful breadwinners and once catalysed into income generation activities can achieve remarkable things.

Encourage Regular Saving and Credit -

ACF regularly highlights the importance of regular savings and how saving a small amount by each person every month becomes large capital at group level. ACF also provides regular inputs for initiating internal lending as well as importance of making regular payments. ACF facilitates grading of SHGs on their performance for accessing loans from banks and for fulfilling their members' credit requirements.

Support Income Generation Activities -

ACF provides support for the identification of income generation activities for rural women through SHGs by helping them to understand and realise what skills they have and what the market needs. Based on that, income generating activities are identified and ACF provides need-based training and handholding support to women engaged in them.