Women's federations

We help collectivize women into Women's Federations, so that they can tackle common issues affecting them, surrounding income generation, access to credit and the community.

Our interventions

Our Women's Federations represent the interests of SHGs and women across regions, with an aim to resolve large-scale grievances and issues. Today our Women's Federations are providing women with access to finance and are improving women's lives - helping them fight for their rights, tackle social issues and earn a respectable status in society.

Governance Support -

We help guide the governance of Women's Federations and support Federation Leaders in the execution of their duties to ensure the smooth and professional running of the Federation in the long term.

Support for Tackling Social Issues -

ACF guides federation on designing programmes on various social issues impacting women in their operation areas. ACF helps them to understand and design appropriate interventions along with a step by step guide to initiate such intervention.

Facilitating Linkages -

ACF ensures linkages of Women's Federations with various organisations for the expansion of their programs. This helps the federation to get recognition in the community and includes connects in the area of sanitation, internet literacy and revolving funds for the IG program.

Capacity Building -

ACF organises regular training of Women's Federation board and team members for strengthening organisational development, governance and program operations.