Women self help groups

We help establish and support Women Self Help Groups to enable women to save and access credit to support themselves and their families. Today our Women SHGs have a corpus of 7.7crore.

Our interventions

Self Help Groups have revolutionised the lives of millions of rural women across India, and we use them as a tool to keep women connected, financially supported and to build her confidence in pursuing income generation opportunities.

Awareness Building -

ACF interacts with rural women to build awareness on various issues which they are facing and ways and means by which they can overcome them. It leads to introduction of women SHGs where women inculcate a habit of saving, have availability of finances in an emergency as well as for need — based requirements.

Facilitating Formation -

ACF facilitates the formation of women SHGs — ensuring that groups represent homogeneity in terms of socioeconomic status. ACF supports each SHG for regular meetings, opening of bank accounts, record keeping as well as to kick-start internal lending. By 2018, we will facilitate formation of 2150 with 25000 members. 

Training, Capacity Building & Exposure Visits -

ACF provides step-by-step training and handholding support to SHGs for capacity building in the areas of credit planning, regular recovery, record keeping and maintaining transparency in group operations - thus ensuring economic development through self-help groups.

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